Extreme Auroras
Extreme Aurora
Extreme Aurora
This new northern lights show is now showing every day at the Science Centre of Northern Norway.

Featuring the aurora in science, history and arts; Extreme Auroras is a documentary and a visual feast. Filmmaker and photographer Ole Salomonsen lives above the arctic circle in northern Norway. Join him in his five-year long passionate pursuit of the perfect northern lights display; nature's most spectacular light show.

No other natural phenomenon does better justice to being displayed in a fulldome theater. When the story of the aurora is told and visualized with some of the strongest and most extreme auroral displays recorded in the latest years, you will feel immersed in the arctic wilderness, witnessing this awe-inspiring natural wonder.

Extreme Auroras is a light show like you have never seen before.

This show is available in English, German and Norwegian
Running time: 26 minutes
Recommended from 5 years

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